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Human Harmony facilitates the ability of youth to emotionally connect and mature in a disconnected world by providing activities that support safe positive outlets of expression.

Introduction Statement


There is no time like the present! With the tragic shift that has happened to change our lives, and has forced us to think outside the box, the H2 Foundation believes that we can make a  positive impact, by changing the mindsets of the past, and making conscious new choices. Especially affected is our children, our future generation, who have been faced with bullying, high suicide rates, and negative social media causing suppression, depression, and the lack of humanistic values in life.


The H2 Foundation supports our children, by giving them direction, permission, and validation through expression. Children are empowered to discover, experience, and express their true gifts, with a purpose, and to know that Who They Are Matters!


What does the H2 Foundation do?

The is a nonprofit organization that raises young people’s awareness of the power of emotional intelligence through an entertaining educational platform where SONG provides an outlet for emotional expression, and a way for kids to reconnect in today’s emotionally disconnected world. 

What is this talent search all about?

H2 Foundation, a non-profit organization, has created a state-wide talent search to provide the opportunity for kids to discover, experience, and express who they are through music using emotional intelligence.

Plan and Impact

Our plan is to assist in educating children on how to use experiences and emotions as tools for building self-esteem, confidence and accountability. This plan will impact young people in the development of emotional intelligence to shape their overall well-being.


Projected Business Model:

  • Funding through private donations, corporation sponsorships, and grants

  • Securing the involvement and endorsement of celebrity personalities and entertainment arts professionals to enhance the appeal to youth

  • Produce and publish curriculum that aligns to our mission and vision

  • Generate additional funding donation streams through contests with sponsorships

We Need Your Support Today!

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